Monday, 2 April 2012

12 Months of Distractions!

The original title of this entry had the word minor in it but on reflection there was nothing minor about the work we had carried out to our home in the last 12 months.  The merging of two families into one and the logistics of fitting our offspring comfortably under one roof resulted in a loft extension being required. Alas this work did not generate a games room but did enable my good lady to reposes the dining room so that we could knock it through to the kitchen. In exchange for my painting space in the dining room a new study materialised that has enough room for library, computer and a good deal of painting room right next to the window, the natural light is great but is too much by late afternoon, the nice new daylight lamp that came with the new desk etc. makes it a great space for working so hopefully my outturn of painted figures will increase resulting in more input on here..