Friday, 15 February 2013


The first combat will ensue across the new games table this weekend, the forces are already in their initial dispositions all that it needs is for my youngest son to get his homework finished and we can kick off. 

Prussian Jagers occupy the church grave yard.

Prussian Artillery supported on the right flank by 1st & 2nd Battalions 10th Infantry Regiment.

3rd (Fusilier) Battalion 10th Infantry Regiment occupies the orchard with a company of Jagers.

1st and 2nd Battalions 10th Reserve Infantry Regiment occupies the wood line bordering the village with (out of shot) 1st and 2nd Battalions Silesian Landwehr Regiment in Reserve behind the village.
The French Infantry Division, 3 x 4 Battalion Brigades, parades with a single Foot Artillery Battery in Support.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Games Room!

Out turn of painted figures has increased since my last blog entry but not my ability to update on here. A resolution for the year was to try harder to keep this blog updated so here is hopefully the first of many entries for 2013. With the departure to full time employment in Sheffield of our eldest son, it released his bedroom for “development”.

Negotiations with the long haired General began post our son’s visit over Christmas, his room, empty of all his worldly possessions was looking like an ideal games room, the only obstruction being a double bed that filled the majority of the floor space, and the more important thing, permission from the Boss. 

With the conditions of,” he must be able to have his room back when he comes home” and “it must be able to revert back to a bedroom for guests/visitors”, one in the same thing.  My proposal was a table that would be able to be put together over the double bed and then be dismantled easily to convert the room back into a bedroom.

A number of preliminary sketches a couple of trips to Wickes DIY store and two weekends in the garage with table saw, chisels, drill etc. saw the frame emerge and bolt into place.

A trip to B&Q DIY store with specific measurements for a table top, in 3 sections, saw the playing surface ready for terrain tiles and scenery.  The end result is a 6’ x 7’ games table and in my humble opinion it looks pretty good.  Some of the pieces you can see on this last picture are work I have completed in the last few months, including a very nice Prussian church from Grand Manner, the other two buildings are from the same source with a further 4 awaiting paint.

I now have a good space for taking more photos as well as a respectable sizes game table for all of the scales I play.

Monday, 2 April 2012

12 Months of Distractions!

The original title of this entry had the word minor in it but on reflection there was nothing minor about the work we had carried out to our home in the last 12 months.  The merging of two families into one and the logistics of fitting our offspring comfortably under one roof resulted in a loft extension being required. Alas this work did not generate a games room but did enable my good lady to reposes the dining room so that we could knock it through to the kitchen. In exchange for my painting space in the dining room a new study materialised that has enough room for library, computer and a good deal of painting room right next to the window, the natural light is great but is too much by late afternoon, the nice new daylight lamp that came with the new desk etc. makes it a great space for working so hopefully my outturn of painted figures will increase resulting in more input on here..  

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Two updates in a month, whatever next – a finished unit!  Well that is in fact what has happened, the gunner featured in the last few entries has been completed.  The rammer was painted using a base coat of Vallejo German C Black (822) a very dark brown, a highlight of Vallejo Beige Brown (875) and a final highlight of Vallejo Light Brown (929).  For the flesh I like to use the Foundry three colour flesh pallet which I have found to be very effective. The buttons, sword scabbard, sword hilt and belt buckles were all painted using Vallejo Gold (996).
The remaining figures of the Battery were all painted using the same technique and based up on 60mm x 70mm MDF bases for my prefered rule system - General De Brigade.